The Top Things That Drain Your EV’s Battery the Most

The Top Things That Drain Your EV’s Battery the Most

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One of the factors that gauge an electric vehicle’s reliability is the battery’s range. The longer the battery life, the better because you can get more out of your EV. As your trusted company for EV charger installation in Hawaii Kai, HI, we at E I Electrical Inc. have identified the top things that could be draining your electric vehicle’s battery.

Highway Driving

While people with gas-powered vehicles enjoy more fuel efficiency while driving on the highway, highway driving reduces the battery’s range for electric vehicles. For electric vehicles, highway driving drains the battery more since there are reduced instances of braking. Braking creates energy that is used to recharge the battery. Highway driving involves driving at a steady speed without braking often.

Cold Weather

Freezing temperatures reduce your EV’s battery range, necessitating the need to seek an electric car charging station after a few miles. Before you leave your house, consider pre-heating your battery. Since you will be using your home’s electrical system to preheat your battery, you will commence your trip with a full battery.

Maintaining the Wrong Charge Levels

Electric vehicle charger installation experts attest that leaving your charger to continue charging the battery after the battery reaches 100% is not right. Also, it is not wise to allow your battery to discharge completely. You should strive to maintain the charge levels between 30%-80%.

Making a habit of charging the battery fully and allowing it to discharge completely affects its longevity. Also, avoid using your DC quick charger often, as it damages the battery when used too often. Contact E I Electrical Inc. for all your EV charging needs. We have a deep well of experience and expertise, guaranteeing we’ll do a good job. Contact us today to schedule a service!

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