Kailua EV Chargers

Reap the Benefits of a New Electric Car Charging Station

E I Electrical Inc. is a leading provider of electrical system installation, maintenance, and repairs throughout the greater Kailua area. Our comprehensive services include furnishing charging station installation and also handling EV charger repair work for most major product brands. We've already provided these important services to many of your local neighbors, and we look forward to offering them to you as well.

Why Getting an EV Charger is Becoming the Latest Property Upgrade Trend

Public charging stations have sprouted up in most urban and suburban areas in recent years, but there's no guarantee that you'll be able to find a spot at one when your vehicle needs a charge. Installing an electric car charging station at your home or business will make owning an electric vehicle easier by ensuring that your car, truck, van, or SUV is always powered up and ready to go.

Additional Advantages of Modern EV Chargers

EV charger station installation projects do come with upfront expenses, but most owners of personal charging stations find that they can quickly recover their investments through reduced charging costs. You'll also be able to charge your vehicle while you're relaxing at home or being productive at work instead of having to leave your property in search of an off-site charging facility.


Which Electric Car Charger Type is Right For You?

Our electrician team is prepared to install all three types of commonly available EV chargers. Level one chargers consist of standard 120-volt outlets while Level two chargers consist of 240-volt outlets like those utilized for dryers and kitchen ranges. Both these types of chargers offer overnight charging capabilities. If that's just not fast enough to suit your needs, however, you'll want to check out a fast DC electric car charger that can power up most EV batteries in less than an hour.

Our Experienced Personnel Are Ready to Serve

We have extensive professional expertise that enables us to make short work of almost any electric vehicle charger installation project. We'll utilize quality components that are compatible with your vehicle's make and model, and we'll locate the charger in a spot that's easily accessible. We'll also ensure that you're completely satisfied with our products and services before we consider the job finished.


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Take the convenience at your home or business up a few notches with a new vehicle charging station. Contact the staff of E I Electrical Inc. to request a personalized quote for EV charger installation in Kailua, HI, or a nearby area today!