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E I Electrical Inc. is the place to turn when you need a skilled electrician to help you acquire a reliable source of back-up power for your Honolulu-area home. Our team has access to premium products from reputable suppliers, and we offer professional installation, maintenance, and repairs that will keep the generator you choose operating at peak efficiency for many years to come.

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An Overview of Our Generator Installation and Maintenance Services

We offer various generator systems from Generac to PowerMate and more through our generator installation services. We maintain them as well and even provide service plans to keep them up and running so they are ready to go when you need them the most. From a 1kW camping generator to a whole home 45kW back up generator, and even a 130kW whole building system, we have the experience and training to successfully size the generator to fit your needs.

Whole-home Generators Versus Portable Generators

You'll find that there are numerous options when shopping for a backup generator for home use. Whole-home generators are wired directly into your property's electrical system while portable generators are designed for easy mobility as needed. Whole-home models usually require a larger initial financial outlay, but they offer greater convenience and ease-of-use than portable units.

The Advantages of Installing a Standby Generator

When you have a standby generator installed at your home, you'll no longer be at the mercy of power outages caused by weather, high winds, and grid failures. You'll be able to run your appliances, use your interior and exterior lighting, and enjoy all the other modern household conveniences that require power. You also won't have to pull out, service, and store bulky portable generators.

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Signs That Your Generator is in Need of a Tune-up

Noisy operation, stall-outs, inability to keep up with demand, and complete unit failure are all indications that a service call with an electrical contractor from our team is in order. You should also contact us right away if your generator is ever submerged in floodwater or hit by falling debris.

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For more information on home generators in Honolulu, HI, and the neighboring islands, give the E I Electrical Inc. team a call. We'll gladly set up a time to consult with you as soon as possible after you contact us!