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E I Electrical Inc. is a leading local supplier and installer of top-quality home generators in Ewa Beach, HI. We've been providing our expert services to the residents of this area since 1996, and we match our strict attention to detail with a quality product selection and great customer care. We also offer flexible scheduling and prompt turnaround that mean you could be enjoying the benefits of your generator installation in next to no time.

Whole-home or Portable Generator: Which is Best?

There are advantages and drawbacks to every home generator style. A whole home generator offers great ease of use because it's wired directly into a house's electrical system, but these types of units generally cost the most upfront. Portable generators, on the other hand, are generally cheaper, but they require setting up and putting away every time they're used.

Why You Shouldn't Wait to Get a New Standby Generator

Seasonal storms, tropical systems, and high winds are all-too-common problems in this area of the world, and a backup generator for home use will surely add a layer of convenience for your household. You'll be able to keep your food refrigerated, charge your devices, use your electronics, prepare meals, have adequate lighting, and utilize critical appliances with little to no interruption in your family's daily routine.

Don't Overlook These Generator Trouble Signs

Staying on top of generator repair and maintenance services will go a long way toward ensuring that your generator is ready to use in times when you need it the most. In addition to scheduling seasonal maintenance with us, you should also contact us right away if your generator is skipping or stalling, making strange noises, or failing to create an adequate supply of power. Repairs from a reputable electrical contractor are also in order if the unit is affected by flooding or accidental impact.

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You Can Put Your Trust in Our Team

Our extensive generator service expertise comes highly recommended by our past and current clientele. We have access to premium products and strive to keep our skills sharp to better serve our customers. Our family-owned and -operated company also boasts high ratings with Google and Yelp, so you can be certain that we'll provide first-rate workmanship on your timetable.


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