Honolulu Electrical Meter Upgrades and Installation

Your First Call for Electrical Meter Upgrades in Honolulu, HI

Most Honolulu homeowners and small business owners don't spend much time thinking about their electrical meters. However, you might be surprised to learn that a new meter could provide you with significant savings, more information, and ways to take action and lower your energy use. At E I Electrical Inc., we serve as the trusted providers for reliable and accurate electrical meter upgrades in Honolulu, HI.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Meter

With an electric meter installation, you can take advantage of the advanced capabilities available in modern electric meters. Old meters simply had a dial and an analog readout. Today's meters provide you with a deep dive into your energy use. The meters also offer enhanced accuracy and precision in calculating how much energy you use, so your bills will be accurate. Throughout the billing cycle, you can monitor your electricity use and take action if you notice that your kilowatt-hour usage rate soared compared to the previous month. If you need a new breaker or wiring, upgrading the meter allows you to take full advantage of your enhanced electrical system.

Benefits of an

Electrical Meter Installation

An electricity usage monitor allows you to see how much electricity you use and when you use it. If you thought of upgrading to Energy STAR-certified appliances or switching to LED lights, the meter shows how much electricity different appliances use. When your air conditioner turns on, you can watch its electrical use and decide if you want to invest in a more efficient unit. New meters offer smartphone compatibility, so you can log into your account through its app and monitor electrical use while away from home or your business.

If you need assistance replacing your electrical meter, reach out to a licensed electrical contractor from E I Electrical.

Signs You Need to

Upgrade Your Meter

Old meters provide little information. A smart electricity meter offers an overview and a detailed look at your electricity use. If you notice any of the following signs, you need to upgrade your meter:

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    Meter age exceeds 20 years

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    Breaker box age exceeds 20 years

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    Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers

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    Increasing electricity bills with no obvious cause

Why Choose A

Professional for Meter Upgrades

Most people don't have an electrician's license or the correct skills or tools to safely perform an electric meter repair or replacement. Our licensed and certified electricians install your new meter correctly and show you how to use all of its features.

When you choose us for electrical meter upgrades, you'll also benefit from our:

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    Family-owned business

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    Local ownership and operation

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    Google 5-Star rated small business

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    Workmanship guarantee

  • list-default

    25 years of experience

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    Licensed, bonded, and insured general electrician

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For more information about replacing your electrical meter or to schedule an appointment with our electrical contractor, fill out our online contact form or call us at E I Electrical Inc. Honolulu today.