Kailua LED lighting retrofit

Shine Bright With an LED Lighting Upgrade For Your Property

If you're tired of your property's old-fashioned lighting fixtures and you've been thinking of updating them with new LED lights, E I Electrical Inc. is the only name to remember. Our dependable crew has been meeting the electrical needs of residents and businesses in Kailua and surrounding areas since 1996, and LED retrofit and lighting upgrades are among the many services that we're pleased to provide. We're standing by to match you with new lighting fixtures that bring out the best in your property and handle all the necessary installation tasks in a prompt, professional manner.

Discover the Many Benefits of Lighting Retrofit Services

Updating your old lighting with new LED light fixtures will require an initial financial outlay, but many property owners find that they quickly recoup their investments due to reduced energy usage and lower maintenance costs over time. Choosing retrofit lighting repair and upgrade services may also improve your overall satisfaction with your home or commercial property because LED fixtures generally offer better light quality and reduced heat emissions than old-fashioned incandescent lighting.

What to Expect During Your Service Appointment

On the day of your lighting retrofit appointment, a licensed, certified, and background-checked electrician from our team will arrive at your location on time and armed with all the supplies and equipment that will be needed to get the job done. You can count on your service provider to respect your home and property while on-site and to wrap up the project with speed and efficiency. On top of premium quality lighting retrofit services, you'll also receive tips on how to get the most advantage from your newly updated lighting system.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Retrofit Lighting System?

Our electrical contractor business boasts a five-star Google rating that's a strong testament to our quality workmanship and attentive customer care. We only utilize new, premium components from well-known manufacturers and take advantage of the latest installation techniques for a polished, professional look. We also offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on every project, so you can turn to us with confidence that everything will be completed to your retrofit lighting system specifications.


Reach Out to the Experts

If you're ready to make the switch to new LED light fixtures, contact us at E I Electrical Inc. for more details about an LED lighting retrofit in Kailua, HI. We'll gladly answer any questions you may have by phone and schedule an appointment to consult with you at your home or business at your earliest convenience!