Hawaii Kai Electrical Switch and Outlet Wiring

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Electrical Switch and Outlet Wiring Services

If you've noticed flickering lights, warm outlets or other potential problem signs with your property's electrical components, a quick call to E I Electrical Inc. should be your first course of action. We offer a full complement of residential & commercial electrical outlet & switch services, and electrical outlet and switch repair is one of our specialties. Our company has been meeting and exceeding client expectations in Hawaii Kai and surrounding areas for many years, and you can turn to us with confidence and peace of mind.

The Importance of Properly Functioning Outlets and Switches

A broken light switch or faulty outlet can cause problems for your household or business by preventing you from being able to light a room or operate necessary appliances and equipment. Loose electrical switches and outlet wiring may even create a fire hazard in some cases. For all these reasons, it's critical to keep them in good condition through our electrical outlet & switch repair and maintenance services.

Our Electrical Outlet and Switch Installation Process

When you hire us to install a new switch or outlet, an electrician from our team will help you select the right components for your application. If necessary, new wiring will be run to the location, and the new component will be installed in line with manufacturer specifications. We'll then test out the new switch or outlet and tidy up our work area after the electrical switch repair procedure.

Determining When Electrical Outlet and Electrical Switch Repair is in Order

If we find that your switch or outlet simply needs a minor adjustment or reattachment of a loose wire, we usually recommend electrical outlet repair services. If the device is seriously damaged or completely non-functional, however, removal and replacement is generally the best course of action.

Technician tinkering with an electrical panel

Why Choose Us as Your Electrical Contractor Team?

Our company is backed by a wealth of expertise when it comes to electrical switch installation and related services. We thoroughly screen all our employees and ensure that our skills stay sharp so that our clients receive the best possible workmanship on every project. Every electrical contractor from our team also only uses premium supplies and components for carrying out our work.


Reach Out to the Experts

You can trust the team at E I Electrical Inc. to handle your electrical outlet & switch installation and repair services in Hawaii Kai HI with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Contact us to schedule an electrical switch and outlet wiring inspection as well as an estimate at your property at your earliest convenience!