Kailua Electric Panel

An Electrical Contractor You Can Trust

The personnel at E I Electrical Inc. are leading local experts at providing electrical panel installation in Kailua HI and surrounding areas. Our established, family-run business has a history in this region that goes back more than 25 years, and we look forward to becoming your go-to electrical contractor of choice for anything related to your residential or commercial electrical panel.

How Your Electrical Panel Functions

Electrical panels distribute power to various areas of a property through a series of wires. These wires are fed by an electrical supply line and are attached to circuit breakers that interrupt the flow of electricity if an overload is detected.

Knowing When Electrical Panel Upgrades Are in Order

We generally recommend replacing a panel box as it's nearing the end of its expected useful lifespan. Electrical panel upgrades may also be necessary if the property is significantly renovated or expanded.

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Signs That it's Time to Replace Your Electrical Box

A few common indicators that point to the need for electrical panel replacement include excessive heat or burning smells coming from the unit, frequent breaker trips, and the loss of power to all or a portion of the structure.

Let Our Electric Panel Experts Serve You

We command a wealth of experience that includes providing electrical services upgrades at properties of all ages. We also match our professional workmanship with great customer care that you're sure to appreciate.

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Get in Touch With the Experts

You need not go through the trouble of DIY attempts if your breaker box needs repairs or replacement. Simply contact E I Electrical Inc. today, and get ready to leave the work to an electrician from our team instead!