Hawaii Kai Generators

A Generator Installation and Service Company You Can Depend On

Finding a skilled electrician in Hawaii Kai is as easy as calling on the crew at E I Electrical Inc. Our highly respected company has been in business in this region for more than 25 years, and we look out for our clients by providing detail-oriented work and speedy project turnaround. Among our most popular service categories are generator installation as well as standby generator maintenance for a ready power supply during emergency situations.

The Differences Between Whole-home and Portable Generators

A whole home generator and a portable generator will both supply power to your home during an outage, but fixed standby models offer several advantages over portable units. Fixed generators are permanently installed, connected to a fuel source, and designed to come on automatically if the regular power supply is interrupted. Portable generators, on the other hand, must be moved around, fueled up periodically, and stored when they're not in use.

The Benefits of Installing a Standby Generator

Having a backup generator for home usage is especially important for families with young children as well as older adults and people who use medical equipment that requires a consistent source of power. Individuals of all ages and from all walks of life are also sure to appreciate having the ability to cook, maintain refrigeration, use electronic devices, and enjoy all the other advantages associated with standby generators.

When to Call on Us For Generator Repair

A generator service visit is usually in order if a unit starts making unusual noises, seems to be leaking fuel, or is struggling to keep up. A unit that has visible exterior damage or that won't start up at all also represents an obvious cause for concern that should be addressed immediately by a member of our skilled generator repair team.

Technician tinkering with an electrical panel

Why Put Your Trust in Us?

Our personnel are leading local experts when it comes to home generators in Hawaii Kai, HI. We can match you with a product that's properly sized for your residence, and we'll furnish top-quality installation work to promote years of effective usage. We'll also offer honest, upfront pricing, attentive customer care and complete clean-up of our work area to boost overall satisfaction with our services.


Reach Out to the Experts

A knowledgeable electrical contractor from our team will be happy to talk with you about the various services we provide, so don't hesitate to reach out to E I Electrical Inc. if you could benefit from our professional expertise. We'll set up a consultation to go over your project in more detail right away!