Ewa EV Chargers

Modernize Your Residential or Commercial Property With a New EV Charger

If your home or business is equipped with all the modern conveniences except an electric vehicle charging station, our team here at E I Electrical Inc. can fix that problem for you. An expert electrician from our staff is standing by to consult with you about the type of charger you need and help you find the right EV charger station installation location for maximum convenience.

Why EV Charger Station Installation is Growing in Popularity

There are more EV chargers in public locations than ever before, but nothing makes owning an electric automobile easier than having access to a charging station at your home or commercial property. Electric vehicle charger installation services are also easier to perform and more cost-effective than even just a few years ago.

The Benefits of Getting Your Own EV Charger

The advantages of installing an electric car charging station at your home or business are many, and the drawbacks are few. You'll be able to plug in your vehicle at night, on the weekend, while you're working, or even while you're asleep so that it will be ready to go whenever you are. The power that's used will also be added to your regular utility statement and billed at your usual household or commercial rate.


The Various Types of Charging Stations That Are Available

Electric vehicles can be charged with a standard 120-volt wall outlet, but this is generally the slowest method of powering up. A 240-volt outlet charger is able to fully charge most vehicles in about eight hours while a direct current system can charge up an EV battery in mere minutes. Our personnel can install all these types of chargers and will assist you in selecting the one that's right for you.

Let Us Take Care of Your Electric Car Charger Installation Work

You can trust us to source our electric car charger products from well-known manufacturers and to follow the latest industry guidelines regarding installation and set-up. We'll also make certain that you're completely comfortable with how your new charging system works before we depart. In addition to our charging station installation services, we're capable of providing EV charger repair for most commercially available charging units too.


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