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If you've been looking at your options regarding home generators, know that our expert team here at E I Electrical Inc. is always on stand-by to provide valuable information that you're sure to appreciate. We offer comprehensive electrical services throughout Mililani and surrounding areas, and our proven expertise includes handling all things related to residential standby generators.

A Comparison of Whole-Home Generators and Portable Generators

As the name suggests, a whole home generator is capable of delivering electricity throughout an entire property. These units are hard-wired directly into a home's electrical system, and they're permanently installed for years of regular usage. Portable generators are usually less costly than whole-home models, but they must be moved out of storage for use and then returned to storage when they're no longer needed.

The Many Reasons You Should Have a Standby Generator

Tropical weather, seasonal storms, and high winds are a fact of life in Hawaii, and the power grid is growing increasingly unstable due to record demand and the lack of infrastructure upkeep. These factors make having a backup generator for home use a must for most local property owners.

Knowing When You Need Generator Repair Work

Because standby generators aren't in constant use, periodic inspection and servicing by a skilled electrician is necessary to ensure that they operate properly when a power failure occurs. As a generator owner, you should also contact us if you notice your generator is making strange noises, emitting a burning smell, struggling to keep up, stalling out, or not switching on at all. We'll do our best to quickly diagnose the problem and tackle the needed generator repair procedure.

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Why Makes E I Electrical Inc. Your Electrical Contractor of Choice?

As a trusted electrical contractor, we have been a fixture of the local community since 1996, and we've had the pleasure of serving hundreds of home and business owners throughout this area. When you trust your generator service work to us, you can count on receiving a detailed estimate and flexible appointment options that accommodate your timetable. We'll also utilize modern installation and repair techniques and show complete respect for your property while working at your location.


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