Mililani Electrical Panel Installation & Repair

Expert Electric Panel Installation and Repair in Mililani, HI

Also called a circuit breaker box or panel box, an electric panel serves as the center of your home or business's wiring system. It controls each circuit and permits electricity to flow. It also trips or cuts power if too much current flows through the circuit. Our electricians at E I Electrical Inc. provide electric panel installation and repair in Mililani, HI.

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How Your Electrical Panel Works

Electricity flows through the "hot" wires in the panel. It travels through your wiring to the device demanding power. Current flows back to the panel through the neutral wire. If you touch the hot and neutral wires, you could experience electrocution.

How To Tell If Your

Service Panel Needs Replacing

Your service panel needs replacing if you upgrade to high-demand technology or appliances. Adding a new living or working space also necessitates electric panel upgrades. Consider watching your electricity usage monitor to see if you routinely use more electricity than your panel is rated for.

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Signs It Is Time to

Replace Your Electrical Box

You may need electrical meter upgrades when the box:

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    Feels hot

  • list-default

    Trips frequently

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    Shows scorch or burn marks

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    Sparks or arcs

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    Has non-responsive breakers

Why Call

E I Electrical Inc.?

At E I Electrical Inc., our family-owned and operated business provides electrical services upgrades coupled with:

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    Licensed and certified electricians

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    Workmanship guarantee

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    24/7 emergency repair services

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    25 years of experience

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    Prompt arrival and completion

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To learn more about electrical panels or to schedule an appointment with our electrical panel experts in Mililani, feel free to contact us. Complete our contact form or give us at E I Electrical Inc. a call today.