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Your Search For a Reliable Generator Electrician Ends Here

If you need an electrical contractor who's qualified to handle all the tasks that go into keeping residential standby generators operating at peak efficiency, E I Electrical Inc. is the only name to know. Whether you want a new generator installed at your home or your existing generator could use maintenance or repairs, you can count on a dependable electrician from our crew to make short work of the project.

Whole-home Generators Versus Portable Generators

Your first decision when picking a backup generator for home usage will be to select between a whole-home unit or a portable model. As the name suggests, portable generators are rolled out as needed and stored away when not in use. On the other hand, whole-home generators are permanently installed and designed to switch on automatically when an interruption in the regular power supply is detected.

The Reasons You Need a New Standby Generator

Most of our customers who opt for a whole home generator appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have a standby source of power always at the ready. It also won't be necessary to deal with the hassles of dragging out a bulky, messy portable generator and then finding somewhere to stash it after the power failure is over when you choose a permanent standby model.

Generator Repair Signs to Watch Out For

Problems with regularly maintained generators are rare, but issues do come up from time to time. Signs that generator repair procedures are in order include excessively loud operation, stalling out, inadequate power generation, and complete power delivery interruption. You can avoid other possible problems with your generator by protecting it from floodwaters, vehicle impacts, and falling tree limbs.

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The Advantages of Doing Business With Our Generator Installation Company

E I Electrical Inc. is locally based. We have access to premium products and utilize up-to-date generator installation methods on every project, large or small. Other reasons to make us your generator service provider of choice include our five-star Google rating and our long history of supplying high-quality workmanship and professional results to residential and commercial clients alike.


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For more details on the many advantages of home generators in Kailua HI, contact the knowledgeable team at E I Electrical Inc. today. We'll tell you more about what we do and reserve a time to provide you with an estimate for the generator that your home needs at your earliest convenience!