Kapolei Generators

Avail of Our Comprehensive Generator Services

If you're tired of dealing with unexpected power outages at your home in or around Kapolei, HI, a backup generator for home installation is sure to solve the problem once and for all. E I Electrical Inc. is a leading local provider of electrical services for residential and commercial clients alike, and installing and servicing generators are among our many areas of specialization.

Is a Whole Home Generator or a Portable Generator Right For You?

Portable generators are generally less expensive than whole home generator units, but they require continual set-up and removal every time the power goes out. Your new stand-by generator will be permanently installed on your property by a licensed electrical contractor. These types of generators usually cost more at the outset, but they offer added convenience and reliability that most local homeowners appreciate.

The Benefits of Having Your Own Standby Generator

When you take advantage of our stand-by generator installation services, inclement weather and other situations that could lead to temporary power loss will no longer be a concern for you. You'll be able to read, work, use your electronics, cook meals, do laundry, operate critical medical devices, and go about your normal life until the power to your property is restored once again.

Signs That Generator Service and Maintenance Are Overdue

If your generator suddenly seems unable to keep up with your power demands or the unit fails to switch on at all, a generator repair call may be in order. Other indicators of possible generator problems include strange noises, burning smells, periodic stalling, and visible damage to the unit. Our skilled generator service personnel are capable of handling most repair tasks in a timely manner, and we even offer same-day services in some instances.

Technician tinkering with an electrical panel

Why Turn to Us For a New Residential Generator?

When your generator gets serviced by an electrician from our team, you'll be doing business with a company that's family-owned and located-operated. We've been serving this region for more than 25 years, and we have a strong reputation for providing great customer care, quality products, and detail-oriented installation work.


Reach Out to the Experts

If your property is currently without a reliable standby power source, contact E I Electrical Inc. for all the facts on home generators in Kapolei, HI. We'll answer your questions by phone and set up a time to consult with you about the many different products that we offer!