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E I Electrical Inc. is the only name you need when you're seeking a licensed electrical contractor in the vicinity of Kapolei. Our highly-trained personnel are committed to providing consistent, high-quality workmanship whether we're updating a meter at a modest residence or offering our services to a large, multi-national company.

Why Do Electric Meters Need Periodic Replacement?

Like all mechanical devices, even a high-quality electricity usage monitor will eventually wear out over time. Most meters are designed to function for 10 to 20 years after which time they may develop problems that can only be effectively resolved by replacing the unit.


Leave Electric Meter Repair and Replacement in Our Professional Hands

You rely on your residential or commercial electrical system to function effectively at all times, and its critical components should be maintained by a skilled electrical contractor. Our personnel are backed by considerable experience with handling all types of electric meter repair and replacement tasks, and you can be sure that we'll utilize up-to-date components and service techniques to carry out your project.

What Are the Benefits of Meter Replacement?

Hiring us to provide replacement electrical meter installation when the service lifespan of your current meter is coming to an end will go a long way toward ensuring accurate energy consumption readings. A timely update may also prevent a temporary power interruption due to complete unit failure.

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Common Meter Trouble Signs to Be Mindful Of

Some of the signs that point to electric meter problems include extremely high or extremely low utility bills, error messages that appear on the meter, and the complete loss of power. A meter's age can also give an indication of how much longer it may be capable of remaining in service.

You Can Count on Our Local Team

When you call on us for help with your meter, an electrician from our staff will respond promptly to diagnose the problem and offer you as many repair solutions as possible. If it's determined that complete meter replacement is needed, the job will be handled with speed and efficiency to minimize downtime for your electrical system.


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