Ewa Electric Meter

Our Electric Meter Experts Are at Your Service

Whether you need a new electric service meter or your existing meter could use repairs or a full replacement, you can count on a top-tier electrician from E I Electrical Inc. to handle the job. We have a long history in this region that includes supplying a full range of electrical services for local property owners, and we're happy for the opportunity to provide our great workmanship at your home or business.

Common Reasons For Upgrading a Meter

The many reasons that we're called on for electric meter repair and replacement include unexplained power usage spikes, error messages, and meters that have become old or outdated. We also recommend a meter update if the property is being significantly modified by a recent renovation or expansion project.


Why Entrust Your Meter Replacement Services to a Professional?

When you leave your meter upgrade job in the hands of a licensed electrical contractor from our staff, you can expect to receive a quality replacement product and first-rate installation and set-up services. We'll also assist you in selecting a meter that's right for your specific application and provide you with tips on how you can extend its service life as long as possible.

The Advantages of Our Meter Replacement Services

Every property owner needs an electrical system that they can depend on, and a properly functioning meter is critical. Taking care of electrical meter installation and replacement can also help head off numerous problems at your property before they ever have a chance to occur.

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Signs That Meter Replacement is Overdue

If your residential or commercial electric meter is more than 20 years old, a visit from an electrical contractor from our team may be in order. Additional warning indicators include power bills that seem extremely high or extremely low and a sudden interruption in power that affects just your property alone.

You'll Be Glad You Turned to Us

Our personnel pay close attention to even the smallest details whether we're handling electrical meter upgrades in Ewa Beach, HI, or tackling any of our other professional services. We also take good care of our customers with affordable pricing, prompt turnaround times, and complete satisfaction guarantees.


Contact Our Team Today

At the first sign of problems with your household or business electricity usage monitor, give E I Electrical Inc. a call. We'll reserve an appointment to inspect the meter and provide you with a quote for our repair or replacement services right away!