Smart Ways to Extend Your EV’s Charge

Smart Ways to Extend Your EV’s Charge

smart ways to extend your EV's charge

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular–and for a good reason. EVs are better for the environment, cheaper to maintain, and more efficient than gasoline-powered cars. While owning an EV has many benefits, range anxiety—the fear of running out of charge before reaching your destination—is a major concern.

From E I Electrical Inc., the authority on EV charger installation in Hawaii Kai, HI, here are ways to extend the range of your EV’s charge.

Utilize Your Vehicle’s Eco-Mode

Most EV models have an eco mode. It’s a driving mode that limits the vehicle’s acceleration, thus reducing the overall amount of energy used. By utilizing this mode, you can maximize your vehicle’s range. It uses less energy than other driving modes, saving you time on visiting an electric car charging station.

Make Use of Regenerative Braking

Most electric vehicles have regenerative braking as standard. It’s a feature designed to recoup energy while braking. Due to the regenerative braking system, energy is used to recharge your battery instantly rather than being stored in the engine as heat or waste. In this way, you can maximize your EV’s range.

Plan Ahead

Planning will make your driving experience more convenient. Plan your route ahead of time and locate EV charging stations along the way. Having an efficient electric car charger comes in handy on long-distance trips.
EV charging stations are a convenient way to charge your car at home. Reach out to us at E I Electrical Inc. today!