Safety Hazards Associated with Old or Outdated Electrical Panels

Safety Hazards Associated with Old or Outdated Electrical Panels

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Electrical panels are essential to any home or building, distributing electricity throughout the various circuits that power our electrical devices and appliances. While these panels may not demand attention regularly, it’s important to understand that they will require replacement over time. Our expert technicians at EI Electrical discuss the potential safety hazards associated with old or outdated panels and why new electrical panel installation in Mililani, HI is a crucial step in maintaining a safe and efficient electrical system.

Fire Hazards

Years of wear and tear can cause older electrical panels to develop loose connections, frayed wires, and other faults that can lead to overheating, sparking, and even electrical arcing – a dangerous phenomenon that can cause fires to break out within the panel itself. Electrical panel upgrades are crucial in eliminating these risks and preventing potential disasters.

Overload Issues

Older panels may not be able to handle the amount of electricity needed for modern devices and appliances. This can result in an electrical system overload, causing fuses to blow or breakers to trip. Or worse, catch fire. Keeping up with electrical services upgrades and installing a new panel with higher amperage can ensure that your home or building has enough power for all your electrical needs.

Electrical Shock

Exposed wiring and faulty connections increase the likelihood of electrical current escaping. This poses a danger to anyone who comes into contact with the panel or its components. In addition, older panels may not have safety features like ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), which protect against electrical shock. Your electrical contractor can assess your panel and make recommendations for upgrades that will improve the safety of your home or building.

Inadequate Protection Against Power Surges

Older electrical panels may not have the necessary protection against power surges, which can occur due to lightning strikes or utility company issues. These sudden spikes in electrical voltage can damage appliances and electronics and, again, even start fires. More modern panels are typically equipped with surge protectors, making electrical panel replacement a critical preventative measure.

EI Electrical is a team of electrical panel experts that can help you make informed decisions about your home or building’s electrical system. We will perform a thorough inspection and provide recommendations to keep your home and family safe. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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